Dana Meyer, Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant

Business doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Not when you work with a trusted advisor to resolve your complex business and people challenges, giving you extra capacity to strategically grow your business and team.

Are you a leader challenged with:

  • Launching a new vision or strategy?
  • Resolving daily challenges and team drama?
  • Scaling your business; hiring the right team at the right time?
  • Enhancing your leadership skills?
  • Making a career change for greater impact and joy?

Leaders seek me out for my unique blend of business savvy and people insight. I also bring a practical approach to solving complex issues, which enables executives to address challenges one step at a time.

My clients consistently achieve breakthrough successes year over year. Some call it being “on the right track,” or “in the zone.”

Bottom line, isn’t it time to make your work work for you?

“Dana is wonderful to work with. Doing things on my own for so long, I never thought I would hire a consultant. I have been completely floored by my experience. She is professional, organized and sharp, while at the same time being flexible, intuitive and compassionate. My division’s success and life balance have never been better.” – National Sales Leader, OR

How We Can Work Together

Executive Coaching

Be the best version of you! Get the right level of support and trusted advice you need as an executive or leader to succeed. It does not need to be lonely at the top. Achieve new levels of success with more ease and clarity.


Business Consulting

Want to bring greater simplicity and productivity to your business? Struggling with exhausting team issues? Take advantage of practical tools and proven processes to get your business and team on the right track.


Career Coaching

You KNOW when it’s time for a job or career change. Explore your options with expert guidance. Know what success means to you at this stage in your career with a step-by-step plan to get there. 


Who Works With Me

I help corporate leaders and their teams thrive in fast-paced business environments. Leveraging 20 years of executive coaching, organizational consulting, and Human Resources experience with Fortune 200 corporations, I bring a practical approach to business and people challenges.

My Clients Are:

  • C-Suite Executives, Leaders, and Managers

  • HR Leaders and Business Partners

  • Employees with Careers on the Fast-Track

I am based out of Santa Barbara, California and work with clients across the United States and globally.

What People Say

“Dana has the unique ability to see the “Bigger Picture.” This in conjunction with her ability to assess someone’s leadership ability makes Dana an extremely talented person to know, and I can’t thank her enough for supporting me in my career.” – Global Executive, United Kingdom

“Throughout my career I have often sought Dana’s counsel when faced with tough decisions. I have always been struck by her ability to help me deconstruct complex issues into their digestible constituent parts. Above all else, she always journeys with me towards solutions instead of simply giving them to me. She remains to this day a valued colleague and thought partner.”  – Biotech Executive, CA

“Dana offers a practical approach to strategy planning that incorporates you as a person, which is important because in my world work and life are always intersecting. In addition to me walking away with a plan, she also equipped me with the mindset to think about strategy differently – in a way that’s simple, meaningful, and easy to incorporate into every day and gets results.”  – Aerospace Senior Manager, CA

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